Garden Rules and Regulations

Field Trip Tips for the Garden

email the Garden at  conservationgarden@gmail.com


phone your request to the following number:  (928-317-1935).  Please leave a message with your phone number and the best time to be contacted.

Include the following information in an email or be prepared to supply it when called:


Field Trip Tips for the Garden

1.   Please bring water bottles, or provide a cool can with water and cups.  There is one fountain, but may not be cool.

2.   Be familiar with the site!  Visit the Garden before you come.  There may have been changes since your last visit that you need or want to be aware of.  The Garden is open every Saturday and Sunday from September through May or you may request a special tour from the Site Steward. (928-317-1935)

3.   Plan the type of experience you want for your students.  The possibilities are endless, and the Yuma Conservation Garden Activity Guide can help you get started.  You will want at least 1 adult for every 10 students and a 1:5 ratio is even better, especially with younger children.

4.   Please contact us at least 2 weeks (928-317-1935) in advance of a proposed field trip.

5.   Dress properly.  Visitors should wear a hat and clothes they don't mind getting dirty.  Wear closed toed shoes that are comfortable to walk in.  Paths are not paved.

6.   Everything is either a home or food for wildlife, so carefully return all natural items to the place where they were found.  Please do not collect and remove natural objects from the Garden.

7.  It is best, when talking to a group, for them to have their backs to the sun or they will be easily distracted.

8.  By focusing on concrete rather than vague objects when you stop, you will more easily keep a groups interest. 

9.   Please go over the Rules and Regulations of the Garden with the group before visiting the Garden.

10.  Above all, relax and enjoy the outdoors.  Stop and smell the cactus, and hop like a rabbit.