Garden Rules and Regulations




1.  No one under the age of 18 will be admitted without adult supervision. Please remember that this is a special place for plants and animals, and is different from a park or playground.  Act as if you are in someone else's home.

2.  All plants, animals and artifacts are important.  Do not pick flowers, berries, leaves, cactus joints, etc.  Many of the plants in this garden are protected by state law.  You may take drawings, pictures and memories.

3.  If you move any rocks, sticks or logs, please put them back as you found them.  Otherwise, you would be re-arranging the "furniture" of many animals and plants.

4.  Avoid littering the trails; in fact, please pick up any litter you might see and put it in the appropriate trash cans.  Thanks.

5.  Please keep to designated trails.  Avoid stepping on or disturbing plants and animals.

6.  This is an Urban Wildlife Habitat.  Plants and wildlife can be hazardous.

7.  Foot traffic only.  Horses and bikes are not allowed.  Handicapped access is limited at this time.  Toilet facilities are limited to porta-potties and one water fountain.

8.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

9.  Please do not climb the Antique Machinery on display.  They are from another time and your cooperation to help preserve their historical value is greatly appreciated.

10. For the protection of our visitors and Garden creatures, no dogs, horses, or other domesticated animals are allowed in the Garden except those used to assist the handicapped.

11. No swimming or wading is allowed in the pond.

12. Do enjoy yourself, go exploring, and use all your senses to enjoy the Garden!