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Topic and Skills Index

This page offers a list of topics and science skills addressed by specific Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Matrix

This page has a list of all the Lesson Links with brief descriptions, grade appropriateness, AZ Science Standard Content Strand, and suggestions for other content area connections.  All documents are in PDF format and can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Please check the Topic and Skills Index to  help determine which activity you might want to use based on topics being taught or skills needed or practiced.

Journal Template

Garden Lesson Journal:  for on-site visits.  This link will take you to PDF copies of a generic journal to be used when visiting the Garden.  Copy the pages and assemble in the numbered order.  It is designed to provide space for 3 lessons with graphing grids and note taking areas.  It also includes a Garden map, Garden Rules and an evaluation page.  A "clothespin necklace" can be provided at the Garden for students to use during their visit to keep their journal papers organized and hands free for activities.